Are You Ready to Make a Change in the World?   Discover Avatar!
The world is changing all around us... The planet is awakening and shifting to a higher state of awareness... How will you participate?
Is there something in your life you would like to change? Would you like to contribute to making the world a better place? If so, Avatar may interest you.

Here are 3 easy steps you can take today to get a good feel for Avatar:
1. Watch "Make up Your Mind"

Go beyond linear evolution with a sideways step into exploring and understanding the relationship between your beliefs and your experience

Watch a free video of a talk by Harry Palmer .Read more...

2. Read "Living Deliberately"

An inspiring book by Harry Palmer that delves into the discovery and development of Avatar.

Download it for free:


3. Experience a Free Preview

Experience first hand some of the Avatar exercises and apply them to an area of your life. Prepare to have lots of insights and realizations!


Enjoy your exploration!


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Some material on this website is excerpted by permission from materials published by Star's Edge International, Inc.,
including: The Avatar Journal; Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar;
and ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness, by Harry Palmer.

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